Students Learning Hip Hop

When starting out in learning tips on how to dance, students might ask a lot of questions simply because they just began with this journey and have many doubts still UN-cleared.

This post anticipates several of the questions students might ask when beginning call at learning hip hop and gives some answers that may help you respond to them.

These questions originated my experience after i get started, here goes:

So what can I wear for my first dance class?

This is actually the commonest question any beginner asks you and it is only normal because you won't want to come on for class using the wrong sort of attire.

Reggae dancing is often a rather vigorous and sometimes may be quite a strenuous activity to take part in. With respect to the dance styles that you are learning, clothing is vital. Mostly, rap dancers don on loose fitting tees and sweat pants because they're by far the most comfortable.

Remember, you can be jumping, turning, squatting, basically moving lots within your class, so it is essential to be comfy in what you really are wearing. Dri-fit tees is usually a good option if you agree you'll be sweating a great deal. Personally, I like cotton tees that are two size bigger. That's my preference, you'll want to give it a try yourself because differing people have different comfort levels.

That has been clothes, now about rap dance shoes. There are no shoes specifically for reggae dance. Mostly, dancers buy the reputable sportswear brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok etc for dance shoes. This is due to these brands guarantee durability hence though they are often rather costly initially, they last longer so you could well be saving more money than spending.

With that said however, there are specific Jazz shoes for Jazz dancers. A fast Google for jazz shoes gives you a full selection of them.

Exactly what do I expect from my first dance class?

Glad you asked. Different studios will change but there will be some general similarities across all studios.

Dance classes are usually about 1-1.5 hours a session. Within this session, you will learn the limber up exercises you should do before any dancing. This implies stretches to loosen your muscle mass, stamina training etcetera. Should you have not been elaboration frequently, your muscles might feel tensed up and you may become breathless awfully fast. This is normal. Soon after more classes, you can be more stimulating and also catch your breath.